QIT Co., Ltd.

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QIT Co., Ltd.
We effort for our customers as a successful partner.
We are pursuing our own brand business and plan/research & develop/manufacture/sell products(OEM/ODM) requested by our customers.
We can discuss both standardized and special-order products.
We will always do our best. Thank you.

Power Converter Group Passive Item Group Custom Item Group
  • 제품1

    Power Converter Group

    Power Converter Group develops and sells
    DC/DC and DC/AC Converter products
    based on power electronic technology.

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  • 제품2

    Passive Item Group

    Passive Item Group develops and sells
    Power Filterfor heavy electric devices,
    such as reactors and capacitors.

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  • 제품3

    Custom Item Group

    Custom Item Group develops, mass-produces
    and sells of the customer’s desired
    based on power electronic technology.

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